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Meet our Director, Bernadette Ramirez:

Bernadette has been the director of Gayton’s afterschool program, the SPACE, since it began in 2011.

Bernadette is a native of Richmond and speaks fairly fluent Spanish, thanks to her mother who was born in Cuba.  She studied Business at Virginia Commonwealth University then later completed the Mediation Program at the University of Richmond School of Continuing Studies.  She spent several years in the business world as a procedures writer and trainer, recruiter and marketing specialist.  Once her only son was born, she added room mother, Sunday School teacher, and volunteer-of-everything to her resumé.

In 2002, Bernadette decided to pursue her longtime desire to work with other families and their children, becoming a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) for children of abuse and neglect, and a Supreme Court Certified Family, Truancy and Parent/Child Mediator.  She began as the founding Director of the SPACE at Gayton Baptist Church in 2011 and continues to mediate privately, in the courts and in the school system.

Bernadette has one son, Brendan, who graduated from the Maggie L. Walker Governor’s School in 2010 and Mary Washington University, in 2014, and a Cockapoo named Jerry Seinfeld. In her spare time she researches and creates resource materials for topics of interest to include: Christ-centered parenting methods, music and its benefits for both education & emotional and physical health, and nutrition and exercise to enable learning/avoid medical crisis, just to name a few. She also prioritizes exercise, and spends as much quality time with her close friends & sisters in Christ as possible. Time with her son is still her number one priority, trumping most personal plans, and she tries patiently to await his texts/calls.

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